Guesthouse in Astoria feature kids room

As a mother of 2 kids, I understand sometime it takes a bit more work to travel with the little ones. But it is very rewarding when your little turn around and gives you a big smile (it is like he is saying “mama, thank you so much to make me so happy, I love”) or seeing them so happy to play with sand and water at the beach. For some strange reason, it feels so good.

For this reason, I want Near the pier guesthouse to accommodate family. We feature 2 family rooms. One room features tree-house and the other room feature a slide and train bed. There are toys and books in the room to keep your little one busy.

I first setup the slide room (I son named it), my little ones will not stop playing on the slide and train bed. They have so much fun and I hope my guests will feel the same. This room currently is not available yet because there is a bit more detail I want to finish before I open up. Then I setup the tree-house room. My kid just goes up and down the tree-house and read up there. There is a little table in the room so your little can color and read.

I will continue to to add more detail in the room so family can enjoy and relax after a day out in Astoria and near by area. Please do let me know if you have wish list, it will be very helpful to me.

Published on: June 19, 2020  -  Filed under: room

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